The Quarantine Mindset!!! – turn your scars into stars…

PLEASE WASH YOUR HANDS… Today, everyone does it and I guess many times in a day, but before this pandemic were we doing it so frequently?  What was the response we gave when someone told us to wash our hands?  We have heard, History Repeats Itself and here we are witnessing again.  What I want to focus here is, the message to Please Wash Your Hands could have also come in from the history when the world witnessed the Spanish Flu in 1919, where between 50 and 100 million people were dead worldwide.  Similar consequences were faced then and people were kept under quarantine centers.

The world has faced many epidemics more recently, such as Ebola in 2014-16 and H1N1 in 2009, but still why has human response not changed.  It is because we learn from every new outbreak, but, perhaps, not enough and tend to swing soon from the panic situation.  People learned lessons have always been encouraging next generations certain things to follow, but sadly people look at it.  Now, if someone told to wash our hands, no doubt we will do it.

Tejas Kolekar

The reason above example is given is to understand why some concepts are important to follow in our life.  Lot of such things our ancestors, philosophers, scholars, or gurus have experienced where they constantly tried to pass the message and urged us to follow.  Following them, many people have achieved milestones while others drown themselves.  Below are some principles suggested to optimize our mindset in this Quarantine situation.

“Tough Times Never Last, But Tough People Do.. – Robert Schuller” – When we are running with thoughts of achieving our dreams, being with our loved ones, happy and rejoicing we enjoy those moments; we are energized, positive, and believe no matter what, we will make it big.  On the other hand, there are thoughts of criticism, failure, nervousness, pain, business problems, relationship issues, feeling left out, rejected and lost, such thoughts are not often true, but because we get carried away with those thoughts, they make us feel real, which makes us depressed and frustrated.  These are mood swings where a happy person turns his mood and becomes sad immediately.  We understand something wrong happened and then regret for responding indifferently too.

We should be open for all thoughts, but constantly dwelling into negative thinking will drain our energy and weaken the willpower, then it will be a very hard time to lift ourselves.  This is when we start feeling vulnerable and the mindset shifts to negative.

Understand this ConceptDo we have problems, Yes.  Will we always have some problems, Yes.  Are our problems manageable, Yes.  Every person who is alive will have problems and they can be very well handled if we apply below given principles in our LIFE.

CATEGORIZE YOUR THOUGHTSWe get thousands of thoughts in a day, but we need to categorize those into positives and negatives.  We always admire all the thoughts we get and get carried away with it.  Remember 97% of the thoughts are not true, useless or negative so we should careful what are we thinking.  We have grown up hearing “you will not be able to make it big” OR “this is not your cup of tea.”  Never accept such thoughts, reprogram them.  This usually happens when we are too disciplined with our thoughts.  It is patterned thinking, which has designed us that always tell us the things we cannot do.  To achieve certain things in life, Attitude Is More Important Than Ability.  With a negative mindset, we can never get a winning attitude.  Don’t surrender here because the problem will pass on, it has to.  Get the courage to step into tomorrow and you will be amazed with the opportunities waiting.  The beginning is Half Done..

ENHANCE YOUR BELIEF SYSTEM – Belief system will never modify once it is programmed.  To make a strong belief system, stop talking negative or unwanted things in front of kids.  The Lockdown period was most crucial and you will later understand what things children have downloaded from our hard drives.  Self-Esteem and Confidence comes naturally with the belief system.  The core values, thinking pattern, moral values, and behavior, which a child learns during the developing years becomes important as they all contribute to the decision making ability for our rest of life.  Each person differs because of the belief system they have developed.  “Make Your Beliefs Strong Because Then The Beliefs Will Make You.”

BE PERSISTENT – After the lockdown many people are facing problems with employment and are struggling financially.  Employment situations are not new and are experienced in the past as well.  Constant efforts physically and mentally can help us overcome this situation.  People who stayed home without trying anything are at more loss than people who took some initiative.  Feeling helpless and hopeless are common symptoms then.  Please acknowledge that, “whenever unemployment rate has gone up, self-employment rate also has gone up,” but experience this can only be seen to the solution-focused people and not the problem-focused people.  People who understood it is better to do something imperfectly than to do nothing realized it quickly.  Many people have started with new things, which is a positive sign and with their PERSISTENCE, they will be successful.  We wonder how people become great, but all these are ordinary people with extraordinary amounts of determination.  “Nothing in the world can take the place of PERSISTENCE, Knowledge wont, Talent wont, Education wont..  Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent – The Founder Movie (2017).

RAISE YOUR EMOTIONAL QUOTIENT – Everyone today is aware about EQ, but very few people are able to adapt it.  People who are emotionally strong cope up very well to current situations whereas the emotionally weak destroy themselves.   Know your emotions well then understand other people emotions and motivate if anyone is down.  Don’t run for sympathy, try Empathy.  Empathic people can relate to emotions very well because they are able to look at the situation from a different point of view.  Emotions are temporary as they change in different situations and with different people, so analyze before you decide on anything with your emotions.  According to WHO (World Health Organization), domestic violence issues have increased a lot during Lockdown.  Learn to manage emotions as “Some people break records while some people break themselves… – Shiv Khera”

YOU ALREADY HAVE IDEAS – An idea is an OPPORTUNITY.  We may not face this COVID or Lockdown situation again, so here is the time to witness the potential we have, which has always been ignored.  We know everyone has a potential, creativity and is unique with multiple talents.  This is the best time to explore our ideas.  Research says, human beings perform best when they are under pressure.  When life gets hard, remind yourself, “Diamonds Are Made Under Pressure..”  Keep writing down the ideas as they come and you will be amazed how things start connecting automatically.  

PRACTICE MEDITATION – Being strong physically and financially is not enough today.  We should be strong mentally and spiritually, which gives us the ability to handle situations sensibly and move life in proper direction.  We cannot always expect people to be around when in trouble.  Meditation helps look within us and understand the possibilities we can do and the options we have surrounding us.  Meditation helps us build more patience towards the materialistic need, which is the need of the hour.  Today, most important things are the essentials and to survive with a strong mental attitude.  Meditation also reduces stress and gives us more clarity towards life.  When meditating, we can feel the energy within us, which makes us stronger mentally. “When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this.. – You Haven’t”

MOTIVATION AND HABIT – Getting motivated is natural, but not everyone achieves what they want.  The reason is we fail to ACT on that thought, which motivated us.  A very simple concept to understand, but people don’t.  If we don’t act, how can the things move ahead we expect.  Everyone wants to achieve, but don’t act according to it.  People get tired too easily after trying for some time.  The best practice is to keep a habit of doing things irrespective of the problems you face.  We quickly blame our life for being unfair, but we really need to check if we have given our 100% to achieve it.  Let’s make a small difference from now on – When we get motivated and write down our dreams, mention a brief Action Plan beside it and start making it a habit.  “Motivation will get you started, but habit will keep you going..”  

To conclude, we have now adapted the habit of Washing Hands willingly, so should we be habituate to above principles as well.  If we want people to consider us THINKING OUT OF THE BOX,” material, then keep finding ways of overcoming frustrations.

I sincerely pray and believe that we all are going to come out of this pandemic successfully.  Many important lessons are learnt and importance to have a positive mindset is understood for the rest of our life.


Tejas Kolekar (Founder of Sanskruti EduCare)

Personal Coach, Educator, Counselor, Belagavi

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