RCU gold medalist girl writes governor against ill treatment by university

His Excellency

The Governor of Karnataka

and Chancellor of Universities,

Shri Vajubhai Vala Ji

Subject: Deceived and humiliated by Rani Channamma University, Belagavi which declared and denied its promise of awarding gold medals, regarding

Dear Sir,

This is a saga of pain, deceit, disappointment and untold miseries of gold medallists.

I am Srushti Gyani, a student who passed out of Rani Channamma University, Belagavi this year.

Presently, I am a resident of Sargasan in Gandhi Nagar in Gujarat and am pursuing M.Sc in 3rd semester of my post-graduation in Forensic Psychology especially at the esteemed National Forensic Science University (NFSU).

I got the first rank in Criminology & Criminal Justice and I received the certificate from your hands in Belagavi at its 8th convocation recently.

When I received the certificate, my joy and my life’s dedication towards my country was deepened. All of us, who won the gold medal in various streams in Rani Channamma Universitywere in boundless joy. It was a dream come true and was a moment of happiness of a lifetime.

However, the happiness was short-lived. That is because, just after you left, RCU officials told us that we will not be getting gold medals.

We were in a rude shock. RCU officials just handed over a Demand Draft (DD) for Rs 1,070 and told us that they were not honouring the achievers with gold medals. We stood aghast not knowing what to do, how to face our parents, relatives, and friends without our hard-earned medals.

 We think that the university simply deceived us very cleverly and cunningly without revealing anything about such deprivation of gold medals, beforehand.

This is a denial of our justified right. It is disappointing and shattered our hopes. It has put a psychological imprint for the rest of our life.

RCU has not only deceived us but has also deceived your Majesty. The certificates do not have the imprint of photographs of gold medalists on them. They do mention that we are recipients of gold medals but not in reality. Officials concealed the non distribution of medals  to the achievers and their parents, the revelation came only at the eleventh hour. We doubt whether the University communicated this to your office.

Honorable Chancellor Sir, the gold medalists need justice. We request your intervention in this matter. As a proud daughter of my beloved India, I believe that we are the future of India.

I am proud that I am carrying out higher studies in our beloved Pradhan Sevak Narendra Modi’s home State Gujarat. Inspired by our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modiji, I have decided to dedicate my life to the country

Moreover, I am the daughter of Guru Amarendra Gyani, a spiritual healer, who dedicated his whole life to the social cause. My father’s formal education was hampered because he was jailed for two-and-half months for his association with Lok Sangharsha Samiti during the Emergency period. My pain is that the university I loved most deceived and humiliated us in this specific manner.

If there are any errors on my part, I request you to kindly forgive me.

Thanking You

Your’s Sincerely

Srushti Gyani

(Gold medalist deprived of medal)

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