Land allotted in 2006; where is the Science Park?

Ravindra Uppar

Belagavi: In 2006, then BJP-JD(S) coalition government had allotted 4 acres 20 gunta land for the Regional Science Centre (Science Park) at Laxmi Tek, Belagavi. The project has been paralysed for the past 13 years, and even more astonishing is some extent from the allotted land has transferred to some other projects. 

Thanks to the socially concerned people like an industrialist PV Hegde of Progressive Traders, the project is going to be relooked. Speaking to the Today Breakings, Hegde said that the office bearers of Karnataka Science and Technology Promotion Society (KSTPS) are visiting Belagavi in the next couple of days, following his correspondence. 

According to PV Hegde, government had allotted a total of 4 acres 20 guntas land for the project.  1 acre 7 gunta land of survey no.12 and 3 acres 13 gunta land of survey no.13 under 51st project of Belagavi Urban Development Authority (BUDA). Sadly, some extent from the allotted land has transferred for swimming pool and many other government projects. 

Deputy commissioner is the chairman of implementing authority of the project. Anyway, now, the activities to implement the Science Park project have commenced again, as the union minister of state for railways Suresh Angadi and Belagavi North MLA Anil Benake have taken interest. “I will do everything on my behalf for the implementation of the project. Since it’s a state government project, the efforts of local legislators also is required, “ Angadi said. 

“Belagavi city, which headquartering three universities and seven engineering colleges has worth of Science Park. Such projects help students to understand the science closely”, PV Hegde said, adding that it’s very useful project for the children and every Belagavian must raise voice for it. Nearby, there is a Science Park in Dharwad. 

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