Belagavi lad manufactures electric car out of scrap

Belagavi : Though the COVID-19 lockdown locked the lives of many, it was the gifted pleasuring time for young creative minds like Ansh Rao who manufactured an electric chargeable car with the metal scrap.

Instead setted himself with the smartphones,  the 10th standard lad pressed his thought to work, designed a car in his mind and implemented it successfully  practically. Ansh studying at KLES International School has designed a two-seater electric car from scrap collected from factories and acquaintances.

Ansh, son of hotelier Vinay Rao,  with his ultra craftmanship had designed the chassis and assembled the rest of the parts in a garage. Tracing for the garage was also a great commission as the correct condition had to be sought to accomplish the aim. Started between June and July it took two months to Ansh to procure the suitable garage which could meet his requirements.

The car designed by Ansh has remarkable features which include an inbuilt camera where no need of rear view mirrors and an anti-theft feature which sounds an alarm during trouble.

The car has to be charged electrically for 4 to 5 hours to run the mileage of 70-75 km/hour. Ansh planned to include new features which the solar panels are the first additions.

Of course it is not only proud to the parents, relatives and friends of Ansh, but also to his school which can write his achievement on the “Wall of Fame” Ansh’s achievement can insist many young creative minds to take up new ventires.

Ansh’ school principal Dipti Ingley, and the staff have appreciated Ansh’s efforts and achievement and wished him success in his new venture.

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